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SSAO v0.6 for A7 & A8
humanoid demo: a crowd of GPU-bones animated characters, SSAO, DOF and PSSM-shadows
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Poster HeelX Offline
Posted 06/25/10 17:08
SSAO v0.6 for A7 & A8

This is the 0.6 release of SSAO for Gamestudio A7 & A8!

It has been in development for about 1,5yrs now. After working on the new version for nine months, it has improved in many areas: it is ~21% faster than it's predecessor, it introduces a CHM manual, and automatic GPU-bone support, and a new demo (gpu animated characters with SSAO, DOF and PSSM shadows), and support for decals, and user events, and functionality for attached post-processing chains that want to re-use the depth- and normalmap, which is generated by SSAO, even if SSAO is disabled.

Core features
  • Compatible to A7.86.6 & A8.30.3, shader model 3 required
  • Easy integration into any existing renderchain
  • Supports fog and particles; static meshes; solid-, alphatesting and softalpha entities; decals (new); animated sprites
  • Automatic GPU bone support (A8 pro only) (new)
  • Works with (blurred) stencil shadows and PSSM shadows
  • Can sample depth- and normal map, even if SSAO is disabled (new)
  • Lots of showcase demos included + source
  • CHM manual (new)
  • Free to use in any project (MIT license)

Download (2011-10-10)
SSAO v0.6 source + demos ~44MB

If you like this software, if you find it useful or if you use it in a project (that maybe goes commercial), - and you would like to help me to find the time to work and improve this, please consider a donation via PayPal smile

Behind the scenes
The main targets for the current release were driven by structural- and performance related changes. While introducing GPU bones, I noticed that the amount of surface shaders exploded. I was also sick of having doubled code in all shader, so I wrote a unified shader which is being compiled during startup several times in different flavors for the support of all surface types and cpu- and gpu-animation support. I also pass compiler #defines to the shaders, which caused a huge boost on the performance in general, and, depending on what you dis- or enable, you get lots of extra frames. I also made the encoding scheme for the upscaling stage based on a texture lookup, which gave me also a instant boost. Plus, I made the sky pixel rejection right now, so, the performance is now also dependent on the amount of sky you have, so, SSAO will now run in space- or racing games, where the sky makes 50% of the screen two or more times faster! Another big win is the newly introduced manual.

Forecast & Call for projects
The upcoming features are now listed in the manual! The list is quiet huge and if you need some of them in a hurry, don't hesitate to contact me! It would be really cool to be in touch with developers, who actually use it, because they give me almost all the time hints how to improve it.

The GPU-bone support was mainly targetted to be used for the zombie hordes in Call of Death, thanks to Zapan who actually came up with that feature request. The release takes also advantage of some custom engine features added by JCL, thank you very much for that! I also want to thank Slin, JustSid, Superku, Firoball, PadMalcolm, Jane, Kitsu and ChrisB for their assistance to make this possible! Also thanks to the whole community, I love you smile A8 ftw!

Have fun and best regards,

P.S: don't forget to post bugs and comments wink and in the case that you don't like it, tell me why!
Dimensions 1024x768
Size 83.54 KB

#350858 - 12/19/10 21:07 Re: SSAO for A7 & A8 v0.51 ***** [Re: HeelX]
Pappenheimer Offline
Senior Expert

Registered: 09/11/03
Posts: 5900
Loc: Bielefeld, Germany
Thank you very much! laugh
Its a fantastic contribution to us all!
(Now, that my old graphiccard collided, and I got a new one with Shader 3.0 I can see these things in action on my own pc!)

Edited by Pappenheimer (12/19/10 21:09)

#350861 - 12/19/10 21:34 Re: SSAO for A7 & A8 v0.51 [Re: Pappenheimer]
3run Online
Senior Expert

Registered: 05/05/09
Posts: 5030
Loc: Caucasus
Thank you a lot bro, I can't use it for now (cause I use free version of GS), but this makes me wanna buy commercial version laugh
It's awesome! You've done really great job.
Looking for free stuff?? Take a look here:

#350928 - 12/20/10 13:23 Re: SSAO for A7 & A8 v0.51 [Re: HeelX]
TechMuc Offline

Registered: 07/08/08
Posts: 894
Short feedback: It works for me (9600m gt), and it looks fantastic.

I'll have a deeper lock this evening laugh Too sad, that i'm not developing games anymore...

Edited by TechMuc (12/20/10 13:23)

#350948 - 12/20/10 16:42 Re: SSAO for A7 & A8 v0.51 [Re: Firoball]
alibaba Offline

Registered: 05/05/08
Posts: 2083
Loc: NRW/Germany
For me everything works well with an 5850 mobility laugh
Really good looking laugh
Professional Edition

#350952 - 12/20/10 17:16 Re: SSAO for A7 & A8 v0.51 [Re: alibaba]
Germanunkol Offline

Registered: 06/23/06
Posts: 2640
Loc: Earth
Same here. Very nice results. Using A7, and it looks great!
No artefacts from what I can tell. Well done!

Edit: One thing: The fire looks much darker when SSAO is active. It doesn't look bright any more.

P.S. Very nice presentation of the shader. The interface etc look nice and give the whole thing a polished look.

Edited by Germanunkol (12/20/10 17:20)

#350956 - 12/20/10 17:31 Re: SSAO for A7 & A8 v0.51 [Re: Germanunkol]
HeelX Offline
Senior Expert

Registered: 07/19/01
Posts: 6904
Originally Posted By: Germanunkol
Same here. Very nice results. Using A7, and it looks great!
No artefacts from what I can tell. Well done!

Edit: One thing: The fire looks much darker when SSAO is active. It doesn't look bright any more.

P.S. Very nice presentation of the shader. The interface etc look nice and give the whole thing a polished look.

Thanks! - The particles are indeed darker in A7 because while implementing that, I discovered a related bug, which has been fixed by JCL in A8. I'm sorry for that, - otherwise emulate particles through sprites smile

#350961 - 12/20/10 17:48 Re: SSAO for A7 & A8 v0.51 [Re: HeelX]
Widi Offline
Serious User

Registered: 08/29/07
Posts: 1922
Loc: Schweiz
Works great for my, use two GeForce GTX 295. Like it... Well done!

#350963 - 12/20/10 18:13 Re: SSAO for A7 & A8 v0.51 [Re: Widi]
JibbSmart Offline

Registered: 03/27/06
Posts: 3534
Loc: WA, Australia
Works very nicely on my GeForce GTX 580. 512 fps on most samples, and around 250 fps on ikasoeder and sponza. It looks great!

Formerly known as JulzMighty.
I made KarBOOM!

#350964 - 12/20/10 18:13 Re: SSAO for A7 & A8 v0.51 [Re: Widi]
painkiller Offline
Serious User

Registered: 08/23/09
Posts: 1438
Loc: Spain
everything working in mine
3D Gamestudio A8 Pro
AMD FX 8350 4.00 Ghz
Gigabyte GeForce GTX 960 4GB

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