I have created a project in A6 Com a few years ago.
Now I want to play around with the A8 Engine.

As mentioned on the Gamestudio page A8 is compatible with A6 so I tried to open my A6 project in A8 Trial. After changing some lines of code I was able to play my game in A8.

But the lightning is different and looks wrong. I have created s simple scene to test the lighting of both engines. It seems that my dynamic light doesn't effect blocks and models anymore.

Well, I am not suprised that the lightning was changed but is there a way to get the same effect in A8? Is there a tutorial about A8 lightning?

I use the same simple code in both engines

function main

action dynamicLight
	my.lightrange = 300;
	my.red = 100;
	my.green = 0;
	my.blue = 0;
	my.cast = on;
	my.invisible = on;
	my.dynamic = on;
		my.x += 1;



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