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#468797 - 10/20/17 01:17 Why I don't like Unity/Unreal
DriftWood Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 07/03/14
Posts: 69
Well, we are all trapped in a love of 3Dgs. It's kind of simple for me. I learned this engine over years. But it's not that simple. Call it C# or C++ it's long and over needed the code.
Sid and Super can tell you why the lite-c and 3dgs use of it are evil. But for me, it's short, simple and quick. However the company failed and the compiler coder left, doesn't matter to me.
Does it have problems? Hell yes!
But every time I type some mouth choking bit of code in either engine, I wish for the Lite-c.
Yes, Lite-c means more lines per entry. But they are readable lines. They are code lines that scope in a logical manner that most can follow. In lite-c you almost never "Dot ." scope past 3 level... Unity code is long, untargeted and flat-out complex.
Understanding both unity and unreal means levels of unneeded complex connections. Why invoke the scene before the actor... Damn the actor must be in the scene by default or this item is a false attempt to target the actor. "scene.gameobject.item.transform" Fucking ?Really!!
Long code, complex thinking. I'm no newbie, but it's a lot more work. I can do it in smaller chunks in 3dgs and in half the memorization time.
Can Lite-c steal some of the Unity's code style - may be! But let me be clear.

3dgs tools suck, engine slow, complier broker. But for simple clear and codable langue lite-c rules.

Every time I get coding in another engine, I think, I could do this faster and with a better logic train in Lite-c. I personally think based on lite-c I could write C with effect. But the problem isn't the langue, it's the work design. Both engines fail a simple test.

The 1000-mile test. Assume you had to explain the program. No person laymen to programming can understand what you say below the 1000-mile mark(Ask Sid). The 1000-mile mark is like being in an airplane looking down. Things become general. It's simpler to work with the ideas at this mark. Sure you can go closer. But you lose people. Moreover, the work a person puts in to follow you is higher.

Lite-c is below the 1000-mile mark. But by the work and complexity unity and unreal are the 100-mile mark.

You'll forever understand how much extra typing and work you are doing. You'll know if 3dgs was this good an engine you'd be 10x ahead with Lite-c.

Both engines work your logic and fingers to death.

#468799 - 10/20/17 04:32 Re: Why I don't like Unity/Unreal [Re: DriftWood]
Ezzett Offline

Registered: 08/26/03
Posts: 100
Loc: Deutschland
In my opinion, if you know the standard programming paradigms, it's not that hard. Then, you will just need some time to learn the basic structure of a new engine. But you need to know the basics first.

This includes things like variables, statements, function calls, branches, loops, data types, classes, attributes, methods, encapsulation, access modifiers, interfaces, inheritance, polymorphism.

If somebody would wake you up in the middle of the night to ask you about one of these concepts you should be able to answer this person immediately and speak at least one minute without pause about this specific concept (why, how, pros and cons).

It sounds boring but if you know this everything will become much easier and you will not care anymore if you have to code in C, C++, C#, Java, Python etc. The only problem is to find time to learn these things if you're not doing it professionally.

The best way is to deal with these things (and things you want to learn in general) every(!) day for just 15 minutes even if you don't feel like it. The key idea is consistency. After the 15 minutes are up, do what you want but you have to invest 15 minutes even if you only read one paragraph or code one example. This will work in the long run. Just do it.

#468803 - 10/20/17 19:39 Re: Why I don't like Unity/Unreal [Re: Ezzett]
Kartoffel Offline

Registered: 06/11/09
Posts: 2210
Loc: Bavaria, Germany
honestly, in my opinion the reason acknex is easier to understand than unreal/unity is not the programming language but the basic structure of the engine (including it's very limited capabilities compared to larger engines!).

lite-c itself is pretty much identical to C, it also supports a few C++ features like function overloading and there are some things that work in C/C++ but don't work in lite-c. Other than that the syntax and everything is the same as C. I'd actually prefer if acknex was using C++ because it has many features that I like.

That being said, I agree that unreal and unity are fairly complex to pick up but they also have a TON more features and tools that can be helpful. Once you got comfortable with either of those engines I'm sure you can work pretty efficiently unless you're just making very small test applications.
POTATO-MAN saves the day! - Random

#468885 - 10/25/17 19:00 Re: Why I don't like Unity/Unreal [Re: Kartoffel]
Reconnoiter Offline
Serious User

Registered: 12/26/11
Posts: 1803
Loc: Netherlands
It can be a bit complexer but you also have more features (simple but very handy features include things like enums, foreach, lists etc). After using Unity now for about a year (besides current project in gs3d); what I personally miss most in at least Unity compared to gs3d is a more comprehensive written manual/script reference. Yes Unity's online manual/script reference is ok for some quick checks but I miss the extra remarks & tips that gs3d's manual does have. Including Sed's handy command help. Newer engines tend to have more video material but I personally prefer written remarks/tips (faster to quickly look something up again etc).
Also one of the first things I did in monodevelop (and later in visual studio) was changing the text format/style to be more colorful like in Sed, that also helped for me. grin

#468888 - 10/25/17 21:14 Re: Why I don't like Unity/Unreal [Re: Reconnoiter]
Kartoffel Offline

Registered: 06/11/09
Posts: 2210
Loc: Bavaria, Germany
Originally Posted By: Reconnoiter
Also one of the first things I did in monodevelop (and later in visual studio) was changing the text format/style to be more colorful like in Sed, that also helped for me. grin

I ported my SED theme to Visual Studio, aswell, and while I really like it it's almost too colorful to me (because compared to SED, VS actually detects and colors ALL variables correctly which makes the overall look a bit too green in my case):

Still, I've gotten so used to it, whenever I change something I almost immediately go back because I don't like the way it looks smirk
POTATO-MAN saves the day! - Random

#468899 - 10/26/17 16:54 Re: Why I don't like Unity/Unreal [Re: Kartoffel]
Reconnoiter Offline
Serious User

Registered: 12/26/11
Posts: 1803
Loc: Netherlands
Yeah that is pretty colorful grin

This is what I currently have (iirc I downloaded a colorful font here and tweaked it):
(The only thing that I miss now is to give functions/methods already in Unity a red color like in gs3d. laugh )


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