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#321427 - 04/29/10 08:00 Re: Look what I found in the attic [Re: Superku]
sPlKe Offline

Registered: 07/23/04
Posts: 4206
Loc: Innsbruck, Austria
nah, those textures are classic XD
who uses standard wad anyway?

im here since A4 times, i had a different account back then though. ive lost my login data so i registered anew in 2004. that was A5 probably...

#321452 - 04/29/10 14:06 Re: Look what I found in the attic [Re: sPlKe]
Firoball Offline
Senior Expert

Registered: 09/10/03
Posts: 9810
Das A3 Buch von jcl war aber wirklich klasse. Das hat mich damals so richtig motiviert, mit der Engine zu arbeiten.
Und wenn ich überleg, wie gichtlig das Ding damals eigentlich war....

#321472 - 04/29/10 16:43 Re: Look what I found in the attic [Re: Firoball]
Uhrwerk Offline

Registered: 01/08/02
Posts: 4218
Loc: Germany / Essen
Some other treasure from the good ol times: Advertisement from german gaming magazine PC Joker (<- That was the best magazine ever!)

Always learn from history, to be sure you make the same mistakes again...

#321475 - 04/29/10 17:09 Re: Look what I found in the attic [Re: Uhrwerk]
Quad Offline
Senior Expert

Registered: 10/27/07
Posts: 5148
Loc: İstanbul, Turkey
prices in DM grin

#343018 - 10/03/10 10:33 Re: Look what I found in the attic [Re: Quad]
Realspawn Offline

Registered: 07/13/01
Posts: 4799
Loc: netherlands
I Am still around though more to the background as the devellopment
went to fast for me to keep track laugh Big step from A5 to 8.

But still here and enjoy some of the writings and creations found here.

Find all my tutorials & Workshops at :

Creativity starts in the brain

#343140 - 10/04/10 00:29 Re: Look what I found in the attic [Re: Realspawn]
Superku Online
Senior Expert

Registered: 09/13/03
Posts: 6690
Loc: Kiel (Germany)
Nice that you are still around!
"Falls das Resultat nicht einfach nur dermassen gut aussieht, sollten Sie nochmal von vorn anfangen..." - Manual

Superku The Game

Severely outdated footage:

#343151 - 10/04/10 02:53 Re: Look what I found in the attic [Re: Superku]
MASH Offline

Registered: 01/31/05
Posts: 19
Loc: Honolulu, Hawaii
It's funny, I never thought about how long I have been using 3D GameStudio, but after seeing this topic I went browsing through my storage boxes and found this!

I guess I am one of the " Old Timers". lol

#343153 - 10/04/10 03:16 Re: Look what I found in the attic [Re: MASH]
darkinferno Offline
Serious User

Registered: 05/07/09
Posts: 1816
Loc: at my pc (duh)
damn right LOL
team INOV:
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check our blog:

#344411 - 10/17/10 12:31 Re: Look what I found in the attic [Re: darkinferno]
Firoball Offline
Senior Expert

Registered: 09/10/03
Posts: 9810
I started with version 3.5 grin

Just wanted to make a photograph of it but unfortunately it seems like I did not move it yet and it's still somewhere in my parents' house.

Btw. I bought it due to the advertisement already posted by Uhrwerk (I think they also advertised in "PC Action").

edit: While talking about moving things from my parents' house... mom recently told me to clean up the cellar and finally collect my stuff...

It's like a travel back in time grin

Edited by Firoball (10/17/10 12:38)

#468687 - 10/13/17 02:48 Re: Look what I found in the attic [Re: Firoball]
Joozey Offline

Registered: 10/04/04
Posts: 4134
Loc: Netherlands
*Giggle*, yes, I did just dug up this thread whilst spelunking into the ancient archives. I'm shocked and happy to see this beautiful steam engine is still in use laugh. Who is still here from before 2010? Hats off to you!

I still have a paper printed A5 manual laying around. When A5 came out, my dad was not happy I printed 176 pages so I could read it in bed. It survived almost 15 years laugh.

Love, Jos

Edited by Joozey (10/13/17 02:49)
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