here are my suggestions for improvements in Zorro.

1. Add "Closed Trade" statistics (max DD) to Peformance results
2. Add a flag to enable plotting/exporting "closed trade" equity curves, not just daily mark-to-market

3. Equity curve results are only updated 1/Day in Live. This is too restrictive, especially when launching a new strategy in production and having to monitor it carefully initially.

4. IB plug-in:
- implement IB's new ability to retrieve "Delayed" prices Can save quite some money when testing futures/options strategies as they require a subscription.
- implement IB's 5-sec True RT bars. Those are streamed from IB's historical servers (with a 250-300ms delay vs real time), but guarantee that "Real-time" data is equal to historical (and IB's RT data are snapshots).
- add support for Advisor accounts.

5. Expose Equity curve as an object (closed/daily/weekly).
- to be able to use it in "Objective" function (k-ratio,R2)
- to easily calculate Eq.Curve correlations (for portfolio construction), etc

6. User-defined "optimalF" function (algo and period).
- i understand that one can code any necessary functionality, but having it processed by Zorro natively (like with built-in OptimalF factors now) would be smoother and less time-consuming.

Thank you for consideration!