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#466523 - 06/19/17 12:59 Re: Looking for Mentor to get started [Re: GreenBoat]
Sling2 Offline

Registered: 06/08/17
Posts: 6
Hi GreenBoat
I can answer some of your questions from my point of view and what I hope to achieve:
There is no doubt that trading a bit like gambling and there is a lot of randomness involved. The aim of building a strategy is to interpret the data and remove a bit of the randomness and make a better call than the next guy, then you are able to make money. Remember that trading is literally buying and selling whether it is gold, shares or a currency. If nobody sells at a certain price you won't be able to buy.

To answer your 'working hard at it' question: I suspect / hope that you are right. The more you are analyzing data, looking at it, the more experience you will build up and the better your judgements should get. I think the trick is that you will need a bit of luck and some analytical skill / talent to make sense out of the information. Remember that there are some external influences such as political, economical , etc influences as well.

Personally I am looking at creating the strategy as a challenge. I have done a lot of programming in the past and I don't really enjoy that part but I really enjoy analyzing data to see what is hiding in it. Hence I am looking at an environment where I do not have to write thousands of lines of code but rather focus on the strategy. MT4 for example requires me to write huge amounts of very technical code in order to analyze the data. In Zorro (or in R) a lot of that is done already and I can just use these routines like a set of tools. (I hope that I am right here otherwise I need to find another environment. wink )

#466525 - 06/19/17 15:38 Re: Looking for Mentor to get started [Re: Sling2]
GreenBoat Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 11/06/16
Posts: 66
So you do have a plan, what to do next. I mean when you finish the code of your strategy, you are going to trade with your own money and that's it. Other option might be to manage other people's money or for example start working for a hedge fund or something like that. One option might be to write programs per order for other people, something like Zorro developers do, but on a smaller scale.

I know this is not the right place to be too detailed about your money plan, so we can speak only theoretically.

The question is if finding the strategy is really possible "just like that". So far I found few strategies, but all of them work only sometimes. It looks that the problem is more about when to use the strategy, then what the strategy exactly looks like.

Or I am missing something. There are probably some "magic" strategies out there, but obviously those are not public. Would be nice to know what is the key to find some strategy like that. Is it about trying many different things and finding something by accident? Or is it about knowing the markets and creative mind? It's actually the key question for your learning process, which is the question of yours. What is the best way to find a strategy...

#466578 - 06/22/17 03:38 Re: Looking for Mentor to get started [Re: GreenBoat]
jrath Offline

Registered: 11/06/16
Posts: 49
Loc: USA
I have read what is written here and I wanted to say there a lot of good interesting points. I can’t respond to them all do them all justice. Let me say two things.
First this Zorro thing is a special resource: the manual is incredibly comprehensive on how to write a full featured trading system yourself. I think the sample strategies and published expected returns are trying to answer the first question you ask. They are saying: yes it is possible - here you go - here is a trading system/strategy that works - here is a complete how-to guide on how to write one – now go do it. To believe what they claim or not is up to you though.
Second ‘what is the best way to find a strategy’? Well how did Zorro find their strategies. In the manual they mention a book by David Elhers. I’ve not read it but a lot of these functions they use like Lowpass and Fisher etc come from the book. My guess is the strategies are outlined in there too. So they read his book, implemented the strategies in Lite-c, they worked out the strategy parameters through ML/Optimization and there you go. This is quite common in Physical sciences. Academics publish research papers and practitioners implement them. So to get strategies you have to read – papers – blogs - books etc. I’ve seen lots of good lists of resources published so I won’t list them. ‘Trading System and Methods by Kaufman’ is 1200 page tomb I’ve read and heard called the bible of strategies.
I would say I have read a trading paper a day or a book a week for 4 straight years – and yes I prefer this to video games! J

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