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#328480 - 06/13/10 15:57 Re: Fullscreen Antialiasing plugin [Re: Quad]
Scifi Offline

Registered: 05/09/10
Posts: 34
Great thanks !

#330274 - 06/26/10 17:16 Re: Fullscreen Antialiasing plugin [Re: Scifi]
Razoron Offline
Senior Member

Registered: 05/25/09
Posts: 445
Loc: Peine, Germany
The low-poly models looked really horrible before, thanks. laugh

#330830 - 06/30/10 06:06 Re: Fullscreen Antialiasing plugin [Re: Quad]
Blink Offline

Registered: 01/10/06
Posts: 2157
Loc: Connecticut, USA
thanks chrisb, i hope your awesome underwater script gets out of the hands of the aliens and makes its way here, in c-script too,lol?
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#356712 - 02/03/11 17:30 Re: Fullscreen Antialiasing plugin [Re: Blink]
Rondidon Offline

Registered: 08/18/02
Posts: 2172
Loc: Germany, BaWü
Hello ChrisB,

I`ve got a problem with your plugin. It works great by part, but when I try changing the screen resolution in real time, the engine does some wild stuff. This is not always the case, but true for some special resolution changes.
Changing the resolution works great for the first time, but when I`m trying to switch the resolution once more to a resolution that was already chosen before, the error appears.

Error appers:

It seems that it has to do something with resolutions that were already chosen before.

Is this a known problem?

My code:

function set_graphics()

	if(monitor_type_i == 1) //16:10 Monitor
		camera.aspect = 1.1;
	if(monitor_type_i == 0) //4:3 Monitor
		camera.aspect = 0.9;


After ALT+TAB I get "Error E2005: Can`t create DirectX texture unnamed"

I`m using A7.86 Commercial. No Shade-C. Just your plugin for testing purposes.

Is there maybe any option to completely reset the plugin after every resolution change?

Thank you very much for helping,

#406363 - 08/18/12 01:03 Re: Fullscreen Antialiasing plugin [Re: Rondidon]
Superku Offline
Senior Expert

Registered: 09/13/03
Posts: 6531
Loc: Kiel (Germany)
This plugin is fantastic!

@Rondidon: Did you find the reason for the crash, was it the plugin? So far it seems to be stable in A8.

EDIT: Oh no, seems like I have a white "glow" 0-1 pixel in width around my player on a dark background most of the time what sadly makes this great plugin useless. frown

Edited by Superku (08/18/12 01:57)
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#406465 - 08/21/12 01:21 Re: Fullscreen Antialiasing plugin [Re: Superku]
Iglarion Online

Registered: 07/09/04
Posts: 763
Loc: Serbia
I used this plugin in A6 a very long, and i no have problems, now again when i try in A8 i am amazed that even still works perfectly and stable. Does anyone still use this plugin?

#465336 - 04/18/17 19:29 Re: Fullscreen Antialiasing plugin [Re: Iglarion]
Iglarion Online

Registered: 07/09/04
Posts: 763
Loc: Serbia
It would be cool if the autor of this plugin can relase soruce code beacuse i found the script crash error after we lost d3d in fullscreen mode. This only happen in Windows 10 not in Win 7 or XP. The solution is switch to window mode before we exit.
#include <default.c>

var fsaa_maxQualityNonMaskable(); 
var fsaa_eventSky(); 
var fsaa_eventEntities();
var fsaa_eventLost(); 
var fsaa_setQuality(var);

function change_res_fullscreen(){ video_switch(9,0,1);}
function change_res_window(){ video_switch(7,0,2);}

function main(){
	render_sky = fsaa_eventSky;
	render_entities = fsaa_eventEntities;
	on_d3d_lost = fsaa_eventLost;
		on_c = change_res_fullscreen; // script crash after we change to fullscreen and press exit
		on_v = change_res_window; // work when we back from fullscreen and press exit
		if (key_f1) {video_switch(6,0,2); wait(1); sys_exit(""); } // the solution is swich in window mode before exit

I use this plugin in my game last six year and i planed use in finall relase of my game, so from my expirience the plugin is very stable in A8 and give me the best result i found so far. I see some people report problems in past but i test my game on many diferent system and hardware and i not found any problem for now, so please if someone still have problems with this plugin let me know.

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