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#335111 - 07/26/10 21:58 LBGUI - RELEASE
Lukas Offline


Registered: 05/13/07
Posts: 2041
Loc: Germany

This is LBGUI, a Lite-C header for creating GUI elements, such as:

  • Buttons (better ones than you already have)
  • Windows
  • Checkboxes and Radiobuttons
  • Infoboxes that appear when you keep the mouse calm over something
  • Progress bars
  • Sliders (better ones than you already have)
  • Listboxes
  • Scrollbars for windows and listboxes
  • Rightclick menus
  • Comboboxes
  • Digits (that work like "normal" digits but use use "real" TEXTs)
  • Editboxes, which are 1024x better than inkey() wink

You will also be able to put "normal" panels and texts on a window.

It's going to be my entry for the contest.
It's going to be Open Source (as it's a Lite-C header), but I won't make it available before the deadline of the contest.

Here's the demo (~2.41MB):

Here's the header:
My name is really Lukas, not Lucas. wink

#335116 - 07/26/10 22:05 Re: LBGUI - Demo [Re: Lukas]
Rei_Ayanami Online

Registered: 02/27/09
Posts: 3185
Loc: Germany, Magdeburg
Wow, really really nice laugh

#335120 - 07/26/10 22:16 Re: LBGUI - Demo [Re: Rei_Ayanami]
MasterQ32 Online

Registered: 11/26/07
Posts: 2051
Loc: Germany, BW, Stuttgart
you beat me!
nice stuff!
i like it
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#335122 - 07/26/10 22:20 Re: LBGUI - Demo [Re: MasterQ32]
Superku Online
Senior Expert

Registered: 09/13/03
Posts: 5702
Loc: Kiel (Germany)
I've just played with it for some minutes and I'm impressed, this is really useful and well done. The only thing you could improve is to add a text selection (in edit boxes) with copy&paste (ctrl+c/v or rightclick).
"Falls das Resultat nicht einfach nur dermassen gut aussieht, sollten Sie nochmal von vorn anfangen..." Manual

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#335126 - 07/26/10 22:29 Re: LBGUI - Demo [Re: Superku]
Lukas Offline


Registered: 05/13/07
Posts: 2041
Loc: Germany
Thanks guys! laugh

@Superku: I initially planned to make the text of the editboxes selectable, and implement copy/paste, but I realized that I wouldn't be able to get that working before the deadline, so it's not implemented in the contest release, but maybe later. I also tried just implementing the paste thing, but those WINAPI functions are too complicated to understand and implement them in time.

My name is really Lukas, not Lucas. wink

#335127 - 07/26/10 22:29 Re: LBGUI - Demo [Re: Superku]
Widi Offline
Serious User

Registered: 08/29/07
Posts: 1922
Loc: Schweiz / Brasil
Just one: great, good work!

#335129 - 07/26/10 22:55 Re: LBGUI - Demo [Re: Widi]
JustSid Offline

Registered: 04/23/07
Posts: 3390
Loc: Germany
Just a question (haven't looked into the sourcecode), are your controls delegate based?
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#335132 - 07/26/10 23:00 Re: LBGUI - Demo [Re: JustSid]
SchokoKeks Offline

Registered: 11/18/02
Posts: 906
Loc: Berlin, Germany
This is soooo useful. Too late to insert into my project unfortunately.

It would be the perfect solution for menus if you could completely skin it, including freely changing the size of the elements (borders, bars, etc). If that will be possible (maybe it already is), you've got my vote wink
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#335133 - 07/26/10 23:16 Re: LBGUI - Demo [Re: SchokoKeks]
Lukas Offline


Registered: 05/13/07
Posts: 2041
Loc: Germany
@JustSid: I don't know exactly what "delegate based" you means, but the system works like this:
You can create objects, which are stored in structs (the nearest to classes you can get in Lite-C...) with their specific create" function, and you can access their members like engine objects. The objects are "managed" in one loop that calls the respective "manage" function for each object (that's faster than using Caroutines, and I have more control about in which order they are managed).
You can assign them events (like button events) for different things, like when they are destroyed, when windows are maximized, etc. In these functions you can also e.g. prevent a window from being maximized/closed etc.
If "delegate based" means that you write your own function to access the messages of Windows windows and interfere with them, I guess the events can satisfy you. If not, you can change it like you want, because it's open source. wink

@SchokoKeks: Yes, you can use you own bitmaps and change the sizes of all elements (even at runtime). The bitmaps that you finally see in the demo are made out of smaller ones and built up on runtime (have a look at the "files" folder wink ).
My name is really Lukas, not Lucas. wink

#335135 - 07/26/10 23:23 Re: LBGUI - Demo [Re: Lukas]
mk_1 Offline

Registered: 12/25/00
Posts: 4496
What's missing is multiple selection in list boxes (using ctrl and shift)

Otherwise this is pretty damn good stuff. Customizable theme?
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