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#168493 - 12/07/07 16:28 Re: Crime City [Re: immersionfx]
immersionfx Offline

Registered: 02/17/05
Posts: 190
Loc: Greece
Bumped in to inform you that the screenshots and the download link on the first post are now updated; most bugs have been fixed now, and new 2D art designs are used for cops/criminals.

Still missing: ingame music and Hall of Fame functionality.

If you're in the mood to download and play it, I'd appreciate any feedback regarding the framerate, the look&feel or the gameplay feeling.

#168494 - 12/07/07 19:22 Re: Crime City [Re: immersionfx]
Nems Offline

Registered: 03/02/03
Posts: 4264
Loc: Wellington
To me the graphics look good for whats happening on screen but the gameplay needs a bit more attention.

Turns are too abrubt, vehicles are oversized for the map and it crashed when the crook was cornered (got a dark screen with the pointer and no other activity, had to end task it)

Overall its a fine example for the gendre in GStudio but not enough advantages taken from current dev features like collisions.

I dont like installers for project tests as they add a heap more mess to the registry which I now have to remove but thats just my winge

I think you can refine this more as the style you have offerred shows clear competence and understanding of what you are using and doing.

Panel work, intro etc are all pro-level, great work.

P.S. Had no real probs with framerate (intial lag due to loading up (use a pre-loader system)), click and go works well but guesing how to stop crim was a bit iffy...

Edited by Nems (12/07/07 22:00)

#168495 - 12/21/07 08:37 Re: Crime City [Re: Xarthor]
lionclaws Offline
Senior Member

Registered: 08/11/02
Posts: 402
Loc: USA
It's a start and a good one at that.Overall,textures and structural shapes can be optimized...great effort though.
Good lighting doesn't just happen,it's designed.

#168496 - 02/23/08 16:08 Re: Crime City [Re: lionclaws]
immersionfx Offline

Registered: 02/17/05
Posts: 190
Loc: Greece
The CrimeCity game is officialy out


It took us two more months than expected, but now several things are improved. In general the gameplay is more interesting and the game more robust overall. Hey, even our musician, Pedro, was the IGF 2008 award-winner in audio excellence just a couple of days ago!

Let's hope it will be appealing to the casual (mostly) audience
Expect a worldwide press release early next week (will keep you posted).

PS. If you can bother playing it, we'd appreciate that you add some more points to the worldwide HallofFame.

Edited by immersionfx (02/23/08 16:15)

#168497 - 02/24/08 07:45 Re: Crime City [Re: immersionfx]
zazang Offline

Registered: 10/04/03
Posts: 702
hey I tried to dld the demo from the link above and it does not seem to work
I like good 'views' because they have no 'strings' attached..

#168498 - 02/24/08 08:09 Re: Crime City [Re: zazang]
immersionfx Offline

Registered: 02/17/05
Posts: 190
Loc: Greece
hey zazang, the new download link is through the website:

#168499 - 02/25/08 07:06 Re: Crime City [Re: immersionfx]
zazang Offline

Registered: 10/04/03
Posts: 702
Ok got it and played...VERY addictive game..congrats on completing it !

A few points

* the music and sounds are awesome !
* the camera rotations in the background level menu could be smooother
* an ability to click on the map to focus on some part of a level would be good.
* It ran a little jerky,(though not to the point of annoyance) even on my beast of a machine...I can play Crysis smoothly on my machine ;-)
* the menu fades take time...I would like it if they fade rapidly,but maybe its my personal choice

In all an extremely impressive and fresh game !

I like good 'views' because they have no 'strings' attached..

#168500 - 03/06/08 18:39 Re: Crime City [Re: zazang]
immersionfx Offline

Registered: 02/17/05
Posts: 190
Loc: Greece
Thanks zazang, good observations, will definitely consider them in an upcoming release.

Hey, my 'baby' just got a press release ( and is now among the big players in all major sites' frontpages. Even though I had done the same thing with Days of Sail, it is always a huge overdose of excitement to see your game making headline news, even if this lasts for about a day!

Here's an excerpt from the press release, what do you think?

Crime Chasing Doesn’t Get Much Spicier Than This!

We are proud to unveil Crime City™, a brand-new crime chasing game for the Windows platform. The story involves around a big city filled with criminals. Crime in the city must be controlled and, should it get out of hand, be dealt with swiftly. Therefore, an elite police unit is created. This taskforce consists of Policemen in their cars trained in high speed pursuit and motorized urban tactics whose mission is to intervene rapidly and intercept any and all threats to the public before any harm be done. These policemen take their orders from YOU. You are the only line between order and anarchy. Take command of this elite police unit and let no one cross it.Crime City™ is a Fast Paced Point & Click Casual game in which speed and strategy are important. The rounds usually last no more than a few minutes each but there is a great deal of strategy buried in the game play.

For more details, visit .

«This spring the winners will be players who love urban chasing bad guys» - Mr. Michael Takakis, Sales Director, said. «With Crime City™ we are opening the new product line that, as we believe, will be popular with anyone seeking Casual games with Real Time Strategy flavour. Crime City™ is not all about races and shooting, it’s an “urban hunting” game where players “hunt” for adventure on the city’s streets. This is an action-packed game with lots of challenges, realistic 3D graphics and ambient effects that will give players a good shot of adrenaline!» Mr Michael Takakis continued.

Crime City’s ™’ distinctive features are:

- Isometric fast paced Point & Click Casual game,
- Fresh graphic theme and world,
- Realistic 3D dynamic urban environment,
- Casual game play appeal with just point and click interaction,
- Replay ability value with a variety of villains to arrest,
- Atmospheric music & exciting sounds effects that increase the tension (by Pedro Macedo Camacho - IGF 2008 award-winner in «audio excellence» ),
- Sophisticated enemy AI,
- In-game tutorial,
- Unlimited levels; catch as many as you can,
- Play for the maximum of points and leave your mark to the worldwide Hall of Fame,

The 45-minute demo version of Crime City™ can be downloaded for free at

#168501 - 03/06/08 22:11 Re: Crime City [Re: immersionfx]
Xarthor Offline

Registered: 07/20/02
Posts: 4436
Loc: Germany, Luebeck
Hi immersionfx,
cool that you are still working on this and congratulations to the press relase.

I, however, could not reach the website, as this error turns up:

Bandwidth Limit Exceeded
The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to the site owner reaching his/her bandwidth limit. Please try again later.

#168502 - 03/06/08 22:23 Re: Crime City [Re: Xarthor]
immersionfx Offline

Registered: 02/17/05
Posts: 190
Loc: Greece
yeah, sorry about that. Unfortunately, I haven't got any control on it as the gamne now belongs to the publisher. I hope they will fix it soon.

Server bandwidth has exceeded the limit as I was told that there were 1300 unique visits in a day and more than 600 downloads.

As I already said, a press release's effects are indeed overwhelming...

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