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LMT short + MaxShort + LifeTime; is this working as expected
by luisd
39 minutes 13 seconds ago
Inline functions in Lite-C
by Zheka
Today at 21:26
Crack loop
by Tuguldur717
Today at 18:27
Experienced 2D|3D Character artist|Concept Artist@ Indie Prices|
by DeathstalkerArs
Today at 17:04
inkey and Unicode
by Superku
Today at 13:56
Get a csv file into an array of structs, confused about lite-c
by jcl
Today at 09:41
How to count
by Tuguldur717
Today at 03:45
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Starting with Zorro
Jump to new posts Crack loop by Tuguldur717 @ Today at 18:27

I wrote code. It executed in 200 bars. I wrote "prinf" command that execute i++ in run function. But it printed 200 times i value with plus 1 increment. Actually i need exactly only one time "printf" execution with last value of i
Starting with Zorro
Jump to new posts assetType by Sphin @ 02/17/18 20:07

From the manual (assetType): Quote:If the name begins with the 3-letter abbreviation of a currency, it is identified as Forex Isn't the slash needed for Forex identification? Just tested: Quote:AssetType compiling........... Type of Asset EUR/USD: 1
Automated Trading
Jump to new posts Strategy trade statistics after restart by Zheka @ 02/16/18 14:48

Hello, Will strategy trade statistics vars like WinTotal/LossTotal retain their values after restart when a strategy is stopped in live trading -by pressing [Stop] and then confirming to 'Stop trading'? and when not confirming to 'stop trading'? T
Starting with Zorro
Jump to new posts What is trail by Tuguldur717 @ 02/14/18 04:07

Hello all. I do not really understand relation between trail and stoplimit. How trail change stop limit? In zorro help it was difficult to understand.
Starting with Zorro
Jump to new posts multiple brokers by Grat @ 02/13/18 13:23

Hi, is a possible this? Code: run(){ [BROKER 1] calculate signal LONG/SHORT if is Signal -> open the order [BROKER 2] if is Signal -> open the order / only different Margin [BROKER 3] if is Signal -> op

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