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CSV to Tick import problem
by pcz
Today at 16:40
An Introduction to Algorithmic Trading: Basic to Advanced Strate
by yosoytrader
Today at 16:25
Square Root Rule & Additional Investment
by DdlV
Today at 15:15
What are you working on?
by painkiller
Today at 12:55
Support and Resistance Zones/Cluster
by sdh309795gaas
Today at 05:22
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Zorro Scripts
Jump to new posts Re: CSV to Tick import problem by pcz @ Today at 16:40

Fiber: If I remember correctly the ZHistoryEditor is not showing all the records properly. You can try to export the data yourself and you'll see if it's the case.
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Starting with Zorro
Thanks MatPed. I could certainly be not understanding, but my understanding is that the probability to blow out an account IS linked to the square root theory. In fact, it's purpose is to prevent blowing up... Specifically: I started an account
Jump to new posts Re: What are you working on? by painkiller @ Today at 12:55

more lowpoly weapons, MED FTW
Starting with Zorro
Jump to new posts Re: Support and Resistance Zones/Cluster by sdh309795gaas @ Today at 05:22

I'm working on a support and resistance indicator. I think the significant price levels are fairly well detected and am now looking for ways to improve it. I'd be happy for any ideas or suggestions to improve it (maybe implement the price levels as s
Automated Trading
Jump to new posts Re: Zig Zag function by sdh309795gaas @ Today at 04:12

I also wonder what's the purpose of this project. I'm using Zorros built in ZigZag indicator and find it quite useful.
The Z Systems
Jump to new posts Re: Z 12 REALTRADING OANDA RESULTS by jrath @ Today at 04:00

Yes I agree you can't have 2 Z12s running at same time from same Zorro folder. I make a Zorro copy for each system I intend to run. Same view on the sub accounts. You run a risk with two Zorro's against the same account. Every night pretty much I che
The Z Systems
Jump to new posts Re: Z12 duplicate trade ID ? by mhdus @ Today at 00:05

So far no more duplicates despite several partially closed trades. I assume the modified MT4 plugin will become part of the regular Zorro distribution? If yes, from which version onward?
Zorro and the Brokers
Jump to new posts Re: New subscriptions for IB by firecrest @ Yesterday at 17:57

I am trying to trade Z8 amd have error code 200 which is "no security definition is found for this request". IS it because the symbols are wrong? Anyone has an idea?
Starting with Zorro
Jump to new posts Re: Optimal parameters for a basket of assets by brax @ Yesterday at 12:25

Yes, what you first told me was right. Itīs only the result was not exactly what i expected. Anyway, i think it suited my purpose. Thanks a lot.
Zorro Scripts
Jump to new posts Plotting returns for day of week by Dalla @ Yesterday at 08:51

Was wondering if there is some way to plot returns for day of week, similar to how plotDay can plot returns for hours of the day? I looked into the code in profile.c and came up with something like this: Code: function plotDow(var value,int type)
Zorro Scripts
Jump to new posts Re: AssetFrame issues by Ger1 @ Yesterday at 08:14

Okay. So is there way to achieve above? As an example, is it possible to calculate the SMA of the last 5 day highs? The issue is that I want to use only the high that occurred between StartMarket and EndMarket. I first thought I could use dayHigh
Zorro Future
Jump to new posts Re: Votes for future features by stephane97490 @ 08/15/17 19:31

zorro in ubuntu, it's like a dream
Starting with Zorro
Jump to new posts Re: HIgh FRequency Trading Script -- Highly Profitable by stephane97490 @ 08/15/17 19:30

It's too risky
Zorro Scripts
Jump to new posts Re: Help in finding the missing snippet by MatPed @ 08/15/17 18:22

ok, thank you for your answer my html knowledge is zero! Probably this is the reason I am struggling formatting a decent output with Zorro! Ciao
Hi, I would like to recommend a 3D model search engine: Yobi3D. You can search with simple keywords and see the results in 3D. It's useful to find some already made 3D models for prototyping. Please check it out and any feedback is welcomed. https
Zorro and the Brokers
With effect from 10.08.2017 FXCM modified their conditions (27.4 was added) that either residents of Germany or those whose accounts are serviced by the FXCM branch office in Germany, if classified as Retail Clients, shall not be liable to FXCM for r
Jump to new posts Re: News history data by pcz @ 08/14/17 16:32

Nanitek: I know guys who do Forex news trading. If I remember right they have a software which translates the news into trading signals. But that alone is not enough. The market reaction is super quick so they have to find DD brokers with slightly de
Starting with Zorro
Nope, not all of them. Only EURUSD and USDJPY.
User Resources
Jump to new posts Re: [Free] Fluorescent lamp model by txesmi @ 08/13/17 20:35

huh? simple =/= ugly simple =/= cheap simple == no artificial complexity simple + design -> simpler (simple)cumbersome < (simple)comfortable
Starting with Gamestudio
Jump to new posts Re: Disabling physx force by other rigids by Reconnoiter @ 08/13/17 14:09

Hey, Thanks for the suggestion, I tried it though I still have the same problem. I did found out that freezing the rotation mostly removes the problem so that atleast something pXent_setbodyflag (my, NX_BF_FROZEN_ROT, 1);
The Z Systems
I guess it is limited to Germany only but not only to IG.
The Z Systems
Jump to new posts Re: AssetsList for another broker by MatPed @ 08/12/17 19:21

I do not know, but if is possible, why not...
Starting with Zorro
Jump to new posts Re: New Zorro version 1.60 by Spirit @ 08/12/17 18:48

Yes, a different IP address lets me download it again.
Zorro and the Brokers
Jump to new posts Re: Ally Invest plugin initial release by AndrewAMD @ 08/12/17 15:45

Attached is Beta 003.
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