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How to keep track of Memory usage
by jumpman
Today at 04:55
Zorro 1.58 trades in phantom mode instead of demo?
by jrath
Today at 02:51
DeepLearn: How to add more signals? (> 20 signals)
by Se7en
Yesterday at 23:54
Are M1 history price still updated from FXCM
by ytc
Yesterday at 23:54
More than One "File_Open_Read" - Problem?
by Dooley
Yesterday at 23:51
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Lite-C Programming
Jump to new posts Re: How to keep track of Memory usage by jumpman @ Today at 04:55

also, Im noticing that using ent_purge on a terrain(.hmp) does not fully get rid of the texture memory used by the terrain. Is that normal behavior?
Starting with Zorro
As requested.
Starting with Zorro
Thanks for your asking. I understood how to use Objective in the function advise(). Trying to include the Objective into my own Data and maybe I did something wrong with the next trade result. Thanks agains.
Starting with Zorro
Jump to new posts Are M1 history price still updated from FXCM by ytc @ Yesterday at 23:54

Hi, I remember the forex M1 history price data on Zorro website came from FXCM. Are they still updated from FXCM? Just want to make sure about that. Thanks.
Lite-C Programming
Jump to new posts Re: More than One "File_Open_Read" - Problem? by Dooley @ Yesterday at 23:51

Okay, I am pretty sure I have a memory leak. When I play the game, each time it loads a new level, I can see the memory going down to a certain point, then it builds back up as the level gets loaded. However, each time it does this, it drops down t
Jump to new posts Re: Dust in air particle shader ??? by pegamode @ Yesterday at 21:34

Hey Ayumi, thank you very much ... I will check it out tomorrow. Thanks Sascha
Zorro and the Brokers
Hi jcl. Sorry if this is a duplicate - I couldn't find it... Occasionally Account parameters will change, such as margin requirements, spread, commissions, whatever. Sometimes on the Broker's whim; sometimes because the trader has asked to change
Zorro and the Brokers
Jump to new posts Re: Trading on Crypto Currency exchanges? by Sphin @ Yesterday at 20:57

Although direct market access is even better than a broker within in general, I think more important here is the fact if you can trade with X via an API than if X is called a broker or an exchange. But at I can't read anything about an A
Zorro Scripts
Jump to new posts Re: How to use end of data in live trading by stephane97490 @ Yesterday at 18:18

Hi, In fact, ^ GSPC is the ticker of the SP500 on the alpha vantage data provider. As I said, my algorithms works better with external data rather than from the broker. The best choice for me is alpha vantage. The main problem I have is to use the
Thanks! Yes, it's slowly getting more and more complete. And the particle effects really add to the overall look, I think.
Starting with Zorro
Jump to new posts Re: Trading options with Zorro: How to calculate Delta by GreenBoat @ Yesterday at 15:21

I compared: - numerically computed Deltas - ThinkOrSwim (options' platform with historical data) Deltas - Deltas calculated by Zorro Both numerically computed Deltas and ThinkOrSwim Deltas are almost the same. But the Deltas from Zorro are differe
The Z Systems
Jump to new posts Re: 1.58 Z12 Crash by DdlV @ Yesterday at 14:56

Thanks jcl. You're saying fxmsg.dll came from FXCM? If so, I guess all you can do is report the crash to them... Good to know it doesn't happen often; and in this case on the Weekend! Thanks.
Lite-C Programming
You wanna use RawInput. Heres a C# example: And Here is a C++ example:
Jump to new posts Re: Double sided shader that works with PSSM by jumpman @ 06/26/17 22:39

thank you, thats what im trying to figure out
Zorro and the Brokers
Jump to new posts Re: Yahoo has changed their protocol by stephane97490 @ 06/26/17 19:15

iF I use Yahoo (SP500 DAILY DATA) in my backtest, I obtain these résultats : strategy compiling.......... Test: strategy ^GSPC 2008..2018 Monte Carlo Analysis... Median AR 9% Profit 4651$ MI 67$ DD 672$ Capital 841$ Trades 746 Win 76.8% Avg +
Lite-C Programming
Jump to new posts Re: Index Pointer to Array by Ayumi @ 06/26/17 16:30

Hehe Fehler gefunden... Ich habe insgesamt 3 x 10 Waffen als Struct initialisiert. Davon wurden aber erst 10 benannt (Name). D.h. in der Schleife, die den Keycode abfragt, wird auch die zweite Dimension des Arrays durchlaufen. MDL ist null und daru
Jump to new posts Re: Debugger 3.16 by preacherX @ 06/25/17 17:02

Great to hear, hope you like it!
Jump to new posts Re: What are you working on? by 3dgs_snake @ 06/25/17 00:06

Playing with some Imgui integration. Still too early but should be doable. There is also a problem with video_switch. I'll investigate more when I have some more free time again.
Starting with Zorro
Originally Posted By: GreenBoatYou have to set the LOGFILE flag: And then you can find the information in the log file. Thanks for the information! I will try this.
Zorro Scripts
Zorro team corrected the bug at the speed of light. With Heding=2, it's working perfectly.
Jump to new posts Re: LBGUI - RELEASE by 20BN @ 06/24/17 13:31

@Lukas Hi, LBGUI how to hide window? (not destory and recreate)
Jump to new posts ShadeC EVO (Lightmap) by 20BN @ 06/24/17 13:25

Hi all, Shader-C 0.91 is render support mdl 2nd uv lightmap in A8 pro, but ShadeC EVO isn't support. How can I fix it? Please, help.
Lite-C Programming
Jump to new posts Re: Dialog box darstellung? by tagimbul @ 06/23/17 22:57

ich bin ganz schön weit gekommen =) dasda wäre mal der prototyp. ich habe ein paar nützliche funktionen geschriben mit der aus die main sauber und klein ist und alles easy an
Zorro Beta Test
Jump to new posts Re: What's new in 1.59.1? by michal_p @ 06/23/17 21:17

Z systems with Dukascopy plugin work out of a box. No more 049 errors
Zorro and the Brokers
Jump to new posts Re: 1.58 Zorro version and OANDA by sqirtle @ 06/22/17 20:19

Hello! It can be easily fixed - in Z.ini select assets file named oanda. I have another issue - in demo mode, Zorro shows trades but do not executes them on OANDA demo account. Hence, I cannot calculate P&L of the trades. Is it a correct behavio
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