This magazine and the code inside it can be downloaded by clicking here . Unzip the file and run index.html inside the "english\aum50" folder to start the magazine.
Don't copy / paste code from the magazine - use the C-Script files inside the archive! Don't forget to "include" the files that need to be included in your main file.

Beginnerís corner:

- Deformable terrains: get a rocket launcher and deform the level as you wish;
- Serious grass: I've seen it in Serious Sam - see how it's done with 3DGS.

Code snippets:

- Morrowing: learn a few more tricks and then say goodbye to the Mighty Guard!

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Most asked questions:

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Hot features:

New features available in the beta version of the engine.

User contributions:

New user contributions hosted at Acknex Unlimited.


Kazim Kargi, the author of Simmobil, creates a driving simulator that combines intelligent pieces of 3DGS-based software with custom built hardware. Read the interview and check the screenshots to find out more about him and his project.

I'm George Pirvu and I am in charge with the Acknex User Magazine. My email address is; feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
P.S: I try to use textures from standard.wad for all my demos in all the AUM editions.