Ladies and gentlemen, Santa is here! This month I have prepared 4 standalone projects for you!

Beginnerís corner:

- Create an alarm clock; if this clock can't wake you up then nothing else will!
- Head shots, belly shots or leg shots? See the guard reacting in a different way as you shoot it!

Click the shots below to see their bigger sized versions! Press Back on your browser to return.

Code snippets:

- Model viewer: use A5 to create a good viewer for its own models;
- Calculator: another example of a full 2D project created with A5.

Most asked questions:

Questions from the forum, answers from me.

Hot features:

Hot beta features.

User contributions:

New user contributions hosted at Acknex Unlimited.


FourX is a game development company that has created several impressive projects. Joshua has agreed to answer some questions for this month's interview.

This magazine and the code inside it can be downloaded by clicking here . Unzip the file and run index.html inside the "english\aum20" folder to start the magazine.
Don't copy / paste code from the magazine - use the wdl files inside the archive! Don't forget to "include" the files that need to be included in your main file.
I'm George Pirvu and I am in charge with the Acknex User Magazine. My email address is; feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
P.S: I use textures from standard.wad for all my demos in all the AUM editions.